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Webcam broadcasting free

XSplit is great for event professionals looking for tools and plugins to clean up the audio and video of their livestreams. Going live on You Now exposes your event to a younger crowd and lets you add a personal touch by using the handheld broadcasting capabilities on your smartphone or tablet.Creating and hosting your event broadcast is as simple as creating a searchable hashtag, taking a snapshot, clicking to share, and hitting the “Go Live” button.

This tool is great for event planners looking for easy search capabilities with the hashtag system as well as versatility with the amount of compatible devices. Once you go live, anyone with the link can view your livestream.

Before you can start streaming on You Tube, you need to download encoding software.

Encoding software allows you to capture content, including your desktop, camera, microphone, and more, and send it to You Tube Live to be streamed to all your fans.

Facebook Live is an easy to use livestreaming tool that is great for event planners looking to jump right into streaming without the complexities of traditional livestreaming platforms. Live lets users run simultaneous streaming sessions; you can host a Facebook Live session and You Tube stream at the same time through a central dashboard, making it easier to reach multiple audiences concurrently.

So far, Facebook and You Tube livestreaming are offered for free.

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Other features include viewing invitations, chat room capability through live comments, and event scheduling. Free and open source software is a great option for recently founded or cash-strapped event management firms.

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