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Generally, there is no mouse capability in the BIOS.

Most all interaction uses the up/down arrows, the page up/down buttons and the ENTER key.

For the detection of 2 TB sized RAID volumes an Intel RST RAID ROM v10.5 or higher is required. [email protected] PROMAN28: Have you already tried to extract the BIOS file by using the tool Universal Extractor?That is the reason why users with an AHCI (non-RAID) system will not benefit from an update of the RAID ROM version.The PCI ROM modules are within the mainboard BIOS file and only visible by opening the BIOS file with a special tool like MMTool or CBROM.Nevertheless it is possible to extract any PCI ROM module and to replaced it by another version, because the entire mainboard BIOS file has a modular structure.Although the BIOS files are developed and published by the mainboard manufacturer, the inserted PCI ROM modules were made by the vendor of the related on-board Controller chips.

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