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I said sure, but you have to write this to him first. He said he would like to meet you and get to know you first before he would leave us alone. So, please take heed, check out the full aritcle, learn from it and be on the watch 7/24/365-Don't let your guard or trust down for a second! [edit on 6-5-2010 by thisguyrighthere] I am pretty sure I brought my mother one of these on a chain as a cheep birthday or mothers day gift when I was a kid, I've seen plenty of girls wear similar - yep just a quick look at the Argos site (catalogue shop for those not familiar) had this on the offers page, there must be many more like it. Interesting about the symbols, haven't seen any of that before. Heck they sell t-shirts and stickers of the thing because it's supposed to be humorous. (if you're not police or military) And don't forget the number 2: The Catholic priest's collar. reply to post by andy1033 Maybe that's one of the ptb's methods of population control, to keep such fear in people regarding bringing children into this world, by giving short prison terms to pedophiles and completely ingoring child sex tourists, they ensure the fear factor is still there. I'm not talking about 18 year old boys and 14 year old girls, I'm talking about men who go after underage girls and boys YEARS their junior. (I caught myself going with the emotional fear driven flow, feeding off of others emotions and fears. So I'm going to continue to be passionate about things but in the way of actions more then sitting comfortable and safe at home in front of my soapbox.

He said I can give him your name and stuff so he can check you out-to say time and we can meet quicker. Do you have any sources for where legitimate pedophiles are using it as a symbol? It's time to get out there and make a difference through actions and education.

Anyway, I noticed her typing away one night and I asked who she was typing to. A few nights later I was walking past her and the computer and she was typing away again. It's definitely not a normal thing for guy to be walking around with a spiral heart or triangle or purple butterfly around his neck. The hard part will be trying to not punch someone in the nose if I see them wearing that crap. Pedobear is said to have originally begun as a way for young members of chan sites (4chan, 7chan, 12chan…) to call attention to pedophiles in their midst pretending to be kids to get their information. I'm keeping control of my emotions right now, this is a very sensitive topic as you said.

She then asked me if she could go up to the next town and meet this person-the next time we went up that way. Hell, it's barely normal for a guy to be wearing anything other than a watch for adornment. I'll have to be discreet about keying up their cars if I get a chance. I highly doubt real pedophiles would use it as a mascot seeing as how quite a few college aged net denizens view it as a joke. We as collective citizens should vote on punishments for pedophiles- not 'learned judges' who don't know #. The pedophiles have since adopted Pedobear as their symbol of pride on the chan sites, claiming that the invention of the bear is a “loving gesture” toward them. So I'll be a lady and keep quiet about how I feel about these scum bags and what they deserve. Right now I'm going to educate myself with all that is on this thread and try to keep in check with my emotions. With so many emotional driven threads and posts lately, I'm realizing just how golden silence really is.

His home was raided by the feds, and allegedly he was the ring leader for some secret online network that traded photos and videos of kids doing deplorable acts. The news said that the leading investigator cited it as the "worst collection he has ever come across" and that the stuff made him sick. he's now doing 10 years in a federal prison Many people have no clue what chan sites are.

Well, “chan” by definition is nothing more than internet speak. The short of it is, these sites are made up primarily of a bunch of horny losers seeking their release with children and young teens, and of kids who have no life offline and are easily manipulable by online predators.

This info is the best I have seen, both in Law Enforcement and to the Public.* A heart within a heart, or “GLogo” “Girl Lover” is used by pedophiles attracted to girls.The heart in a heart, to them, represents a adult/ female child relationship.But I imagine they would network when trying to get kiddy porn or those who are interested in NAMBLA.The guys I dealt with were clinically psychopaths and/or sociopaths.don't like to share and they are loners.

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I could never recall which side, so I assumed ANY guy with one earring was. Regardless, I applaud your intention to bring attention to this issue. Now, I have a thread up you need to get busting me on. I worked with pedophiles for 10yrs and none of them from 1995 to 2004 ever indicated there were ped signs.

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