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Nude in kentucky

“Cerebral hemorrhaging, respiratory failure, hyperthermia, renal failure, heart failure, stroke.

This famous Straight Rye Whiskey has a distinctive flavor and appeal that, after Prohibition, made it the most popular spirit in the country. The one and only Old Overholt® is 80 Proof and aged 3 years.

When it comes to weird tourist attractions, it’s hard to beat a stuffed black bear that died of what many people consider the worst cocaine overdose in history.

Nicknamed Pablo Esco Bear, the unique tourist attraction is currently on display at the Kentucky for Kentucky Fun Mall, in Lexington.

From there, it was eventually purchased by country legend Waylon Jenning, who thought it would make the perfect gift for his good friend Andrew Thornton, a Kentucky native turned hustler in Las Vegas.

So the Cocaine Bear “lived” in a Vegas mansion until 2009, when Thompson died.

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