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Guys worth dating

and asks you to come “cuddle” one more time, drop him faster than he can even try to deny his womanizing habits. “If he can't stop talking trash about his ex, he would do the same to you,” Martenson says.You met him at a party, and he seemed decent enough. If he’s hung up on a previous chick’s “evil” deeds, perhaps it’s time to break it to him that now’s just the right time for you two to start something (and it never will be, but keep that part to yourself). Every time you go out with this guy, you have a great time—until he pulls out his phone and tries to cover up the name of the person he’s texting. “[You’re] obviously not the only woman in his life,” says matchmaker and dating coach Suzanne K. Fact: If you think he’s concealing something, he probably is. “A man who is interested in you will always want to contact you,” Oshima says.The movie started 15 minutes ago and you’re totally pissed (which you should be).“A man can say anything he wants, but it's important to watch his actions over his words,” Oshima says.Those inflicted are addicted to the notion of late-night shags sans emotional attachment.

That is, until he starts yelling at the waiter when your strawberry shortcake arrives after 10 minutes (yeah—only 10. If he’s a total d-bag to everyone around you, it’s time to say buh-bye to guy. You guys are totally tight when you’re up at school together (he lives across the hall from you—so perf!

Let’s face it: if he can’t get along with your soul sister(s), he’ll never get along with you—you’ll always be bothered by the fact that he has an issue with your posse.

It’s best to not engage in anything romantic with this one.

Cue every person in your life who knows of your utter fabulousness: Right. Which is why you should ditch your dude if he’s been acting kinda shady (— Beyoncé makes every situation better).

Here are 11 different kinds of behaviors you should avoid at all costs in a guy, due to the fact that you just shouldn’t have to deal with them. It’s a nationwide epidemic among American men of all ages: Booty Call Syndrome.

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