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For those reasons, Saarbrücken, while not popular as a tourist destination, sees a sizeable business-related visitor traffic, and due to its small size and location in a densely-populated area, it also has one of the proportionally largest commuter workforces, measured tens of thousands of workers.

This small international airport is located 15 km (9.3 mi) from the city center.

A frontier station opposite Forbach, France, it lies on the Saar River at the mouth of the Sulz River.That said, Saarbrücken has an impressive history of over a 1000 years, with its predecessors dating back to ancient Roman Empire.It does not only possess architectural heritage to prove that, but it is also picturesquely located over the bends of the river Saar, serving as the gateway to this underrated region of Germany.Saarbrücken is the capital city of Saarland, one of the federal states of Germany.At 200 000 inhabitants, it is at the lower end of Germany's long Großstädte (large city) list, and is perhaps the least prominent state capital, at least from the tourist's point of view.

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Travelling to other destinations generally requires changing trains in Mannheim, Frankfurt or Paris for long-distance express trains or night trains, or procuring a more intricate combination of small stretches from one of the more minor stations closer to Saarbrücken.