Dating road trips

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Dating road trips

PROFESSIONAL PACKING SCHOOL #2 Advanced Packing in the Wilderness (section 2) 6 days July 1-6, 2018 50 Meet at Horseshoe Meadowsa six day traveling educational pack trip into the Golden Trout Wilderness Emphasis on moving camps, wrangling and feeding livestock on the extended wilderness pack trip.

More information on the Golden Trout Wilderness FOURTH OF JULY SPECIAL John Muir Wilderness 4 days June 30-July 3, 2018 5 Start and End at Rock Creek Celebrate the 4th of July by starting out on a four-day trail ride to Davis Lake or Lake #2.

We had places to be and somewhat of a schedule to keep since I'd really outdone myself and actually pre-paid some of our campsites.

While in the Grand Tetons / Jackson Lake area, we did actually extend our stay for a night so that I could take the children to visit Jenny Lake.

They would be packing in for ten days, with horses carrying their gear - and would literally live off the land for the duration of their visit, with very little supplementation.

Their gear included fishing rods, water filters, and SALT.

One of my resolutions this year is that I will update my blog more than once a month.Which I may have mentioned once or twice, is where it is currently stated in my Will that I would like for my remains to be "sprinkled" upon my demise.At that time, it was the most beautiful place that I'd ever visited. And talked to some lovely people from New Jersey who took pictures of us perched atop this granitic outcrop, before enjoying a picnic lunch.Following a really fun day together, we took the boat back to the other side of Jenny Lake - hiked to our car - and made it back to our campsite at Colter Bay just in time to attend a church service.I've always considered nature to be my church, but it's an even more epic experience to actually attend an organized service in the middle of a National Park. The kids had lamented going to church because there were so many other things to do - like pretend they were early explorers, or play Dungeons and Dragons, or a game of cards - but when we arrived at the amphitheater, we learned that a huge black bear had also decided to show up for church and had just been climbing over the amphitheater benches moments before I snapped this photo.

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But we'll see how that goes what with three teenagers and all.

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